The Company has 6 permanent nurseries and 2 temporary nurseries. High yielding variety grafts of Ullal-I,  Ullal-III, Vengurla-IV, UN 50, Vriddachalam-III  varieties of cashew grafts are being raised in the above nurseries for planting in KCDC  estate as well as for sale to public. Each graft is raised in 6”x 9” size polythene bag and has a minimum height of 40 cms. (16 inches). Only healthy graft raised from selected mother trees having good vigour are sold to public.  The nurseries are located in the following locations:

  1. Kumta Division:
    1. Badal Nursery (Permanent)

  2. Kundapur Division:
    1. Gujjadi Nursery
    2. Sarpava Mane Nursery

  3. Puttur Division:
    1. Kerevase Nursery
    2. Volalu Nursery (Permanent)