Citizen's Charter


Karnataka Cashew Development Corporation Ltd. was incorporated on 14th February 1978 under the Companies Act, 1956 with the object of managing the cashew plantations transferred to the Company by the Karnataka Forest Department and to increase the areas of cashew cultivation in the State. The authorized share capital is Rs.1000 lakhs and the subscribed share capital is Rs.759.03 lakhs of which Rs.44 lakhs was held by Government of India in the form of 4400 equity shares and the remaining Rs.715.03 lakhs is held by Government of Karnataka in the form of 71503 equity shares. 8000 ha.of reserved forests with cashew plantations have been transferred to the Company by the Government of Karnataka in the year 1979 and 5000 ha. of reserved forests with cashew plantations have been transferred to the Company by the Government of Karnataka in the year 1993 towards equity. In addition, 11174.95 ha.of reserved forests with cashew plantations have been transferred by Government of Karnataka from the year 1993 to the Company on lease basis. 2860.78 ha. of reserved forests have also been transferred to the Company by the Government of Karnataka on lease basis  during 1982-1987 for raising cashew plantations. The total holding of the Company at the end of 2017-18 is 25632.62 ha. of which 12,724.43 ha. is held as equity and the remaining 12,908.19 ha. is held on lease.

I. Vision and Mission Statement:

  1. To raise cashew plantations with HYV grafts in the reserved forests in the State of Karnataka.
  2. To raise High Yielding Variety grafts of good quality cashew and the sale/ distribution of good quality HYV cashew grafts to farmers and other public.
  3. To establish clonal banks for multiplying various HYV varieties of cashew.
  4. To increase the area under HYV cashew cultivation and to raise the production of raw cashew nut in the State.
  5. To disseminate knowledge on cashew cultivation among the public and provide consultancy services on development and management of cashew plantations.
  6. To implement various cashew development projects sponsored by State Government/ Central Government. 
  7. To develop KCDC Ltd. as a centre of excellence for cashew cultivation by adopting modern technologies in cashew cultivation and promoting cashew cultivation by farmers by extending technical know-how. KCDC will develop model cashew plantations and demonstration plots for this purpose.
  8. Conduct market research and build up marketing strategies and explore new avenues in marketing including exports.

II. Details of business transaction by the Organization:

  1. Sale of right to collect usufructs through tender cum auction.
  1. Raising of HYV grafts and its sale to the public.
  1. Execution of pitting works through tender/auction.
  1. Procurement of polythene bags, raw nuts, red earth, sand and manure for raising seedlings.
  1. Procurement of NPK fertilizers, organic manure, pesticides etc.

III. Details of Customers / Clients:

  1. The public who participate in the tender/auction are the customers of the organization. The purchasers of the HYV grafts are also customers.
  1. The customers are spread over the districts of Dakshina Kannada, Uttara Kannada, Udupi and Shimoga.

IV. Statement of services provided to each citizen / client group separately and time limits for the same:

  1. Through tender cum auction sale the organization provides direct/ indirect employment to the public through the cashew contractors and earth work pitting contractors.
  1. The organization maintains the cashew plantations by providing manure by taking up weeding, soil working and fire protection measures, thereby keeping the plantations in good conditions and provides seasonal employment.
  1. Production of good quality of HYV grafts and supply to the general public at reasonable price.

V. Details of Grievances Redress Mechanism and how to access the same:

The grievances received if any will be settled by the Divisional Manager level itself and if the grievances are not settled at the Divisional Manager level, the matter will be referred to Head Office level and Managing Director/General Manager will settle the grievances as per rules. The public can contact the Divisional offices of the Corporation whose address, phone numbers are available in the sale notification and also on the official website of the Corporation or through email. Publication is made under the Right to Information Act 2005 and is available on website

VI. Expectations from the Citizen / Client:

The clients expect good quality HYV grafts and good maintenance of plantations which would fetch them better returns and value for their money.

Constitution of Task Force:

            As required under Citizen’s Charter guidelines issued from Government of India, the Task Force in KCDC Ltd. is constituted as noted below to oversee the formulation of the Citizen’s Charter:

i) Representatives from Top Management:

  1. Divisional Manager, KCDC Ltd., Kundapur.
    Ph: 08254265236 ;
  2. Divisional Manager, KCDC Ltd., Puttur.
    Ph: 08251230683 ;

ii) Representatives from Middle Management:

  1. Plantation Superintendent, KCDC Ltd., Karkala Unit, Moodabidri.
  2. Office Manager, Head Office, Mangalore.
  3. Plantation Superintendent, KCDC Ltd., Kunthur Unit, Puttur Division.

iii) Representatives from cutting edge level staff:

  1. Plantation Superintendent, KCDC Ltd., Bhatkal Unit, Kumta.
  2. Plantation Superintendent, KCDC Ltd. Byndoor Unit, Kundapur.
  3. Plantation Superintendent, KCDC Ltd., Belthangady Unit, Moodabidri.

iv) Representatives from Staff Association/ Union:

  1. President of KCDC Employees Union.

v) Representatives from Clients/ Consumer groups:

  1. Sri.N.VishwanathRai, S/o.DumannaRai, Kalenje House, SulliaTaluk.
  2. Sri.Abdul Kareem, S/o.AbdulKhader, Kaniyur, PutturTaluk.
  3. Sri.KrishnappaPoojary, S/o.KukraPoojary, Moodabidri.
  4. Sri.ParameshwaraT.Naik, Moodkani, HonnavarTaluk.
  5. Sri.U.RajeevaBhat, S/o.VamanaBhat, Nandanavana, Keregal Post, Keregal, Kundapur.

The General Manager, KCDC Ltd., Mangalore will be the Member Secretary of the Task Force.

                                                                                  MANAGING DIRECTOR.
                                                                              K.C.D.C.LTD., MANGALORE.